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CyberPet offers several Advertising Options to choose from, all of which offer HOT LINKS to your website. 

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For those of you who have your own websites, Congratulations that's great! By now you most likely have found that just having your own website and registering it with all the major search engines is not enough. Your visitor count is probably not quite what you had hoped for. All of the search engines work differently. You have very little control over how and in what order the search engine pulls your website up amongst the thousands of other websites. Sure there are a few tricks, but results seem only fair at best.

Whether you have your own website, or merely wish promote your kennel, cattery, pet product or services, a vital key to your success is Marketing! When it comes to marketing, there is no single magazine ad or other form of media that can get you maximum exposure to a targeted market. Proper marketing entails consistent exposure in as many places as possible in which that targeted market can be found. That's where CyberPet comes in! 

How have our other advertisers done? Here's just a few comments from CyberPet advertisers:

Hello - Thanks for the wonderful job you have been doing. We receive great traffic from your site. 
Feb 2004, Cathy Enns, Jomarans Havanese and Coton de Tulear.

Dear Cyberpet, Your internet service should come with a warning label "Don't advertise with us unless you want to talk to a lot of interested buyers." I have not been able to stop answering inquiries today and its already 1:15 in the afternoon. This advertisement has already paid for itself in one week. The quality of the people who are calling is very reassuring. They are knowledgeable, intelligent and motivated, a great relief from the type of people who call from paper ads. 

"If you were to ask me, 'what is the best advertising dollar you've ever spent?', I'd have to say Cyberpet. Oh sure, I've advertised with other on line services, (one even boasted 10,000 calls a day), in magazines. I've never had as great a response as with Cyberpet. It's not just phone calls either. It's selling great dogs to great homes. It has been my experience that Cyberpet attracts an elite class of people. I've sold pups to persons of celebrity status as well as authors, artists, doctors, and just plain good people, all of who were able to pass my strict qualifications for adoption. And of course they found me on Cyberpet!!" 
Lynn Brownell, Gaea Plantation Dobermans & Chinese Crested.

"I cannot say enough about you guys. Since I have been with Cyber-pet, I have gotten thousands of phone calls and e-mail, . This is a wonderful way to advertise, and also to meet other dog people. The web site is terrific and the people are so easy to deal with and so considerate." 
Gaelic Cockers, Ginny & Joe Russell

"Hello, Can't tell you how happy I am with the response to the ad we have with CyberPet! We have had many more inquiries than I thought that we would, considering not everyone knows what Giant Schnauzer is, it's been a wonderful way for people looking for them to find us, up here in upstate NY. We've had people from all over the country and outside the country for that matter get in touch with us. I'm not sure when it's time for renewal, wanted to make sure that we stay on with you, this has been a wonderful experience!" 
Adele Cromer, Windswept Giant Schnauzers

Dear Cyberpet,
Thanks for the leads. I can't understand anyone not being happy with Cyberpet. I get several puppy requests every single day as a result of my ad. I have met wonderful new friends from all over the world who love Bostons and are looking to add one to their family. Unfortunately, we only had two puppies this year and I am keeping one! The other one went to a friend I met via Cyberpet who lives in Italy! Thanks again for the excellent results from your site. 
Joy Myers, LeJoy Bostons

"Just wrote to say how happy we are to be a part of CyberPet. The response has been just great. Again Thank You for allowing us to be a part of CyberPet." 
Ron & Elke Adair, EUR-AM KENNEL

"My ad with CyberPet has been a Godsend. I get several calls each week asking for information about my Anatolian Shepherds. Most of the calls are from people who have never heard of the breed and just want information, but I have also gotten a good response to my puppy ads. I am reaching millions of people all over the world and through CyberPet am actually talking on the "web" with Anatolian people in Russia, England, Turkey, and Ireland. This is a wonderful outlet for breeders who are truly interested in bettering their breed. Thanks CyberPet!! Keep up the good work." 
Sandra King, Alaturka Anatolians

Advantages of advertising in CyberPet  

      • Tens of Thousands of Unique Visitors Every Month !
      • Appeal to a Wide Ranging Pet Audience !
      • A Proven Award Winning Forum !
      • Dynamic Marketing Program Designed To Get Results !


  • Tens of Thousands of Unique Visitors Every Month [Back] 
    That's right! We said Unique Visitors not Hits!   
    Many places you go on the web quote Hits. Most of the time it is a very large and impressive figure. However quoting Hits, whether it is intentional or not, can be misleading. A single webpage accessed by one person one time can produce anywhere from one to an infinite number of hits. That's because in addition to the webpage itself, each graphic image, photo, colorful ball, star, etc. located on the webpage is counted by the server as a separate hit. In addition, the manner in which the items are retrieved (ie; relative or absolute paths) directly affects the hit count.

    We could quote you an impressive Hits Count for CyberPet, but that does not tell you anything. The information that you as an advertiser really want to know is . . . What is the actual circulation or readership of forum? The closest thing resembling that information is called aUnique Host/Visitor Count. It's not perfect, but a Unique Host/Visitor Count can give you a much better idea of the actual circulation or readership of a forum.



  • Appeal to a Wide Ranging Pet Audience [Back] 
    The CyberPet forum is designed to be a fun and informative place to visit with an appeal to a wide variety of readers ranging from the casual pet owners to the most experienced exhibitors. Something for everyone you might say. 
    The unique graphical design of the CyberPet forum combined with the consistent addition of articles, photos, contacts, links etc., help keep our readers coming back again and again while at the same time attracting new visitors.

    Features such as our Site Wide Search Engine and Easy Selection Menus assist visitors in quickly finding the information they need while simultaneously providing maximum exposure for you the advertiser. Such advanced navigation features also help eliminate the need for the constant clicking through pages and pages which usually ends in the visitors getting frustrated or lost.


  • A Proven Award Winning Forum [Back] 
    Since June 15, 1995 CyberPet has proven to be a Winner!

    Point Top 5%On November 24, 1995, CyberPet was selected by 
    Point Communications (the premier web site rating service) 
    as one of the Top 5% of All Web Sites on the Net.
    "This is the place to go for information and resources for dog lovers. CyberPet is the sprawling, friendly companion for breeders, owners, and those looking to get a pup. After a cutesy introduction, they get down to the meat of the matter: resources for choosing a pet, health matters, clubs and news services. You're likely to find feature articles on the responsibilities of having a dog or a lesson in psychotherapy for pups (to give them "confidence, attitude and adaptability"). The magnificent list of links here, including a lengthy set on specific breeds, is a great reference for all pet lovers." 

    NetGuide 4 Star Rating

    NetGuide Magazine honored CyberPet with a
    FOUR STAR RATING in their March 1996 issue.
    It's raining cats and dogs! A super resource of information, where
    owners of cats and canines can lick up lots of pet-care advice."

    Internet Underground 4 Star Rating

    Internet Underground Magazine awarded CyberPet a
    FOUR STAR RATING in their April 1996 issue.
    "A plethora of breeding information and missions for cyberdogs and cats is begging to be viewed at this site. Just about anything you want to know about the four-legged beasts that win our hearts and stain our carpets can be discovered with a click of the mouse. Links to pet care, breeding facts, Pet FAQ and other treats are tossed your way like juicy hotlinks. Woof! Graphic puppies and kitties leap at the chance to show you around this bountiful pet nirvana." 

    NetGuide 100 Pick

    NetGuide Magazine selected CyberPet to be one of the TOP 100 Websites On The Net in their July 1996 issue.
    ". . . The numbers we provide here are a guide­a collective window that aims to chart the people, places and tools that will influence your net experience well into the 2000s. While there are literally millions of sites on the net, tens of thousands of people behind them and thousands of products you can use to build, view and maintain different aspects of this worldwide network, only a fraction of the players in each of these categories ultimately will drive change. We're happy to present our view of who, what and where those agents of change will be."
    ". . . These sites were selected based on scope, impact and completeness of information and an ability to bring an important existing or nonexisting task or a community to the net. These sites epitomize the mission of most every network, no matter the size: They bring people and information worldwide closer together than they ever thought they could be. And sometimes it's even fun along the way."
    ". . . 48. CyberPet A litter of tips and advice on caring for your furry, four-legged friends."

  • Dynamic Marketing Program [Back]
    We at CyberPet, realize that for you, the advertiser, Results are what it's all about. Being listed with most of the major search engines on the web is great but it's not enough. To get results, you need a carefully designed marketing program, entailing consistent exposure to the public which greatly magnifies your advertising dollar and exposure. Currently, CyberPet advertises in more that forty (40) individual pet related print publications in addition to carefully placed spot ads in other forms of media such as radio and the world wide web itself.

    How do we achieve this?
    It's simple! Our advertising rates have been carefully set to take into account the cost of our aggressive marketing yet assure that CyberPet remains solvent and running in the black. Your advertising dollars are pooled with other advertisers, thus allowing exposure to the public in a wide variety of ads and promotions.

    Can You Advertise On The Web Cheaper?
    You Bet! There are plenty of companies and individuals willing to place your advertisement on their website. Some will do it for free or as little as $5.00 a year. But then the questions arise ...

      • What are they doing to get results for their advertisers?
      • What is their marketing program like?
      • Do they rely solely on search engines for exposure?
      • Where and how often are they advertising?
      • How is their operation run ... As a business or hobby?
      • Do they have a proven track record?
      • How solvent are they?
      • Will they still be around in a year?



In the final analysis, we believe you'll find "You get what you pay for . . ." 
With CyberPet You Get Results!


Advertising Options
CyberPet offers several Advertising Options to choose from, all of which offer HOT LINKS to your website.

      • Featured Listing [sample]
      • Display Listing-Product and Classifeds [sample]
      • Icon Classified Listing [sample]
      • Text Classified Listing [sample]
      • Contact ListingName address, phone, Email 

Pricing is Shown on order form as ads very according to type and position in the CYBERPET.COM FORUM.


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