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Dominoes, Ethics in Breeding & Showing


Dominoes, Ethics in Showing & Breeding
By Linda Ward Wardkin


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We know who they are. We know what they have done and continue to do. We have passed along juicy bits of misinformation and even shaken our heads in disgust at their misdeeds. They are among us, observing our actions, our standards.
I refer of course to the parasitic leeches in the dog world. The ruthless pond scum that cloaks itself in the superficial mannerisms and phraseology of honest people. These are clever chameleons indeed and indistinguishable almost from genuine, honest people. They are well versed and well practiced but blemished. Anyone without visual contact would easily be taken in. Watch them with their dogs when they are not expecting you and their true nature comes clear. Apply any kind of real pressure and the veneer cracks. They represent all that is wrong with the "sport" of dogs.

These villains buy and sell uncounted number of dogs, defraud clients and "friends" left and right, abuse and mistreat their dogs, sometimes even in full view of others. Sometimes even in the show ring. We see them, we know them and yet we do little. We shake our heads and mutter among ourselves. Very little ever comes of it.

We profess a love of competition and dogs yet we do nothing to cast out those among us who would distort and abuse our principles of fair play and kindness to animals. Why? There is no justifiable reason. As responsible dog fanciers we must not tolerate bad behavior it reflects poorly on us. Let us see their intimidation tactics for what they are, bullying. Treat those bullies in the manner they deserve. Ignore them. They can only do to you what you allow them to do. If you permit yourself to be compromised into submission by underhanded tactics than you are a conspirator in your own downfall.

Standing up to pushy thugs (and that is what they are, no matter how well polished) is a hard and unpopular position. You might not win friends and may even be derided but it is the right thing to do. If you don't have the courage of your convictions than who should? If caring for what is proper and fair is just lip service than join in the majority and follow blindly as self-serving profit mongers exploit your dogs, mock your integrity and run rampant through your breed.

I believe that even a very few can make a difference. By tenacity and the relentless pursuit of justice some of the miscreants can be held accountable for their actions. Some among us are hesitant because they fear being targets themselves. They need not worry between innocent mistakes and premeditated fraud. Certain repeat offenders must not be tolerated. It is imperative we clean house now while we still can.

We may sit idly by, musing over what to do but the cunning villains do not. They network at every opportunity through whatever means works. Warm and fuzzy or mean and threatening. Whatever is called for. They glad hand at dog shows, approach judges, spread lies, threaten dogs, You can find them in chat rooms in the Internet, promoting themselves and their dogs shamelessly. They win over countless numbers of people who for reasons of their own choose to align themselves with them. They have infiltrated some of our breed clubs by bribing key members, having them withhold negative letters and documents from voting members. They promise their "friends" stud service, puppies. They are good lobbyists because they have succeeded in infiltrating areas reserved for serious dog lovers. Once contaminated the clubs give them credibility and lose it themselves.

This is a gangrenous plague that must be cut out to be stopped. We need courageous people to stop the spread now. The consequences of apathy are far too evident. We must rise above the level of these ruthless carpetbaggers and protect our dogs and our integrity by not allowing them to continue unchecked. Standing united we can affect change. We need not be many, one strong push and like dominos they will fall.

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