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If you are considering obtaining a new pet, there are some things to consider. Especially if you are a first time pet owner or a new feline fanatic! Where do you start and what can you expect? This is just a short window into the topic to get you thinking about a few things related to obtaining your new companion.

Kittens are little bundles of energy. They also are full of mischief! If you are not around much or don’t want to deal with kitten proofing your home or dealing with being climbed as if you were live surrogate tree, you might want to consider adopting an older animal or kitten.



Cats can live beyond twenty years of age. So, when considering a pet you must keep in mind that this is a lifelong commitment. The animal should be brought into your home to be part of the family for life. There are thousands of animals that end up in animal shelters, control agencies, or worse due to this lack of pre-planning.


When searching for a kitten, or a cat, look for personality rather than appearance. There are long haired, medium haired and short haired animals in a variety of colors and temperaments. A beautiful animal with a horrid disposition will not make you happy!

Animals with long coats will require grooming. If you neglect this simple task you will find yourself with a matted mess and skin irritations or problems. Some cat breeds are more vocal than others, while others have a reputation to being active and curious --getting into everything! There are a few that are more on the quiet side. Finding the right cat will take some research.



Finding out about pet parenthood can include trips to the library, research into breeds from some of the cat associations, and humane or rescue organizations. Use caution in your search and consider the source carefully. Some people will have an interest in selling you an animal rather than the right pet for your home. Good sources will help you make a proper selection for your lifestyle and needs. Often, top breeders will ask you more questions about you than you do about the breed!



Check your schedule so you can plan to have time to spend with your new pet and helping them in the transition to your home and family. Most kittens ideally will be placed once they are completely weaned and around seven to eight weeks of age. Oriental breeds, from a behavioral perspective, are better off going to a new home later--around ten weeks of age.



Your pet will need more than just food and water. Your critter will need quality attention and concentrated activity. Make sure you have bowls for food and water, a bed (or rather your bed!), toys, more toys, and more toys, grooming combs, a scratching post or two, climbing trees, litterbox, litter, and assorted tools, and lots of love!



Kittens will get into everything and anything! Curtains, furniture, your pants legs, and a variety of other items are fine amusement for your kitten! Remember to redirect their activity into appropriate play and climbing instead! The sooner you do this, the easier your life will be!

Care should be used with appliances (washers, dryers, refrigerators) so your kitten doesn’t get trapped in them. Window screens should be secure, and electrical cords, plants and various related items should be either moved out of reach, or the should be kitten closely monitored when having the run of the house. In many cases, a kitten can have their own playroom to keep them out of trouble while you are away. Removing risk items when you are not around and then teaching a kitten the human definition of "right" from "wrong" while you are monitoring them is recommended.



Neutering your cat is important. Cats can come into "heat" several times a year. They are will yowl and carry on quite loudly. Often, marking and other types of territorial behavior will occur in animals who are intact....and their visitors. By neutering your pet, the loss of hormonal surges related to heat and breeding and related behavior will be eliminated. Also, your prevent the contribution to the pet overpopulation problem--it only takes one accident. Remember that thousands of animals die in shelters every year because of unspayed and unneutered animals.



Please read my article on this topic. I cannot stress the importance of having an animal kept in a safe home rather than roaming the streets. Disease transmission, predators, risk and a variety of other considerations prompt me to urge you to keep your pet indoors. Cat condos and aviaries are nice, safe alternatives.



Proper diet and health care are important for your pet. I urge you to consider a natural diet and go through the training to feed it. It may be nice to find a veterinarian who is a cat specialist or deals with a large number of felines. Doing these things will give you piece of mind and a happy healthy companion.


There is nothing that can compare to having a wonderful animal companion. If you take the time to select and choose carefully you will have a lifetime of fun and love with your furry friend!


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