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EMF? Killers, Cancer, Early Death, Immune Weakener

EMF? Killers, Cancer, Early Death, Immune Weakener

by Robert JordanMediPatch 
Email: medi@capecod.net
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EMF? Killers, Cancer, Early Death, Immune Weakener

EMF stands for Electro-Magnetic-Fallout. It includes ALL forms of natural and un-natural wave form and static electricity.

Our homes, cars, offices, and roadways are charged with low- and high-level electrical emissions. How much electrical radiation can we take before it is harmful? Some believe little doses aren't harmful. Almost everyone agrees that large doses can kill. Where do we draw the line? 

Could EMF influence the ability of the body to fight disease? If our body, nerves, thoughts and immune functions form electrical messages, isn't it possible that alien electricity in subtle forms could cause confusion and blocking of the natural signals in our bodies? 

Could stray electricity be throwing us out of sync and crippling our immune system?

Here's an example of EMF imbalance: Do you tire after an 8-hour car ride? Do you get jet lag? European homeopaths believe that travel by car, bus, or plane will build up static electricity in the body, resulting in fatigue. 

They say that static electricity caused from travel in ungrounded conveyances is the chief cause of fatigue. EMF aware Europeans bolt a rubber electrical conducting, anti-static strip to the bottom of their vehicles. This grounding continually bleeds off excess static into the ground while the vehicle is in motion. Without this grounding YOU are being loaded with STATIC.

The public hasn't yet realized what I call "The Electronic Plague of the Century". In my opinion there is a deadly, silent, invisible, enemy rippling constantly through our bodies every second of every day of our lives. 

Is there a holistic approach to canceling the harmful effects from travel, from eating foods cooked with electric stoves or micro-waves (yes it gets into the food), fluorescent lighting, electric motors, cellular phones, computers and TV screens, electric blankets, X-rays, hair dryers, and virtually all electrical appliances and gadgets?

Here are a few proven ways a person can use to cancel harmful EMF, ELF and other electrical imbalance from the body.

1. Miso is one of the best EMF cleansing foods. Scientists were amazed at how quickly Japanese people recovered from effects of atomic radiation. To their amazement they discovered that they drank two or three cups of MISO soup daily. Miso cleanses the body from radiation, heavy metals, pollution of all types including EMF. Drinking two to three cups of Miso soup daily will help the body eliminate most harmful contaminants.

2. Taking a bath, shower, swimming and lying on beach sand is a natural way to rid yourself from EMF and other electrical pollutants.

3. "Mind Body Spirit" magazine November 93 issue, had an article named "Breakthrough In Homeopathy" It mentioned a revolutionary new EMF balancing bracelet. Laboratory tests show when worn around the wrist or ankle it cancels out EMF, ELF, and other forms of harmful radiation. The manufacturer, MediPatchTM laboratories Corp., guarantees it to work for one year.

In my opinion electrical pollution at any level is detrimental to the body whether it be man or beast. There are alternative solutions. I hope I have helped bring some awareness to the harmful effects of electrical pollution and provided some alternatives to help neutralize them and restore balance.

If you know of any more EMF canceling tips or have any questions feel free to call or write me or the editor. 

Robert Jordan is a Homeopathic Doctor who received his degree in homeopathy and herbology in England. He has been counseling people for the past 30 years. He resides in Brewster, Mass. He is founder of MediPatchTM Laboratories Corp. and inventor of the above mentioned EMF bracelet. 

FREE information is available on request by contacting Robert Jordan at             508-385-4549       or Box 795, E. Dennis, MA 02642


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