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Puppy Biting: Sure-Fire Tips To Stop Your Puppies Biting Habits

Puppy Biting – Sure-Fire Tips To Stop Your Puppies Biting Habits

By the time that your puppy reaches 15 weeks of age, he or she should begin to manifest nipping issues in which he or she will begin to nip or bit at things. It is by this time that you should prepare to begin proper training to prohibit your puppy’s mouth behaviors. This training should include specific commands that will stop him or her from biting at your hands. While this biting is playful, it can become a nuisance later on in the dogs life and prevention while they are still at a young age is optimal.

1) For starters, it is important to remember that instinctually the dog will want to roughhouse and for this reason you should already have developed a checklist that includes all of the potential games your dog will likely want to play so that you can begin training them not to play them. Having a new puppy can be a fun and rewarding experience and although playing tug-of-war with them sounds like fun now, later it can have disastrous consequences.

2) As a young puppy under the age of 15, nipping games is usually ok, but once they reach the age of 15 weeks, allowing them to continue to play these types of games will result in them thinking that its ok and before you know it, they will be playing by themselves while you are away; only to come home and find a sofa cushion destroyed. Stopping these habits is pivotal at the age of 15 weeks because it is at this time that the puppy begins to learn traits that he or she will maintain the remainder of his or her life.

3) In many cases, this type of training should be considered as shock training and while this may sound harmful to the puppy, it is important to remember that shock training does not have to be a harmful means of training them. Most common tool of the trade is a simple spray bottle which is filled with water and when the puppy attempts to play a nipping game, a simple spray will put a stop to it.
4) Most importantly though is the use of a firm command which sends a message to the puppy that you are dissatisfied with the behavior. They just want you to be pleased with everything they do and the last thing they want is to be in trouble and as such a firm command will make them not want to do it again. It is also important to remember that you do not want to scare the puppy though and you should never start into their eyes for long periods of time as this is considered to be a confrontation with him or her.

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