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Puppy Training, Stopping Bad Habits

Puppy Training – How To Stop My Dog From Hiding My Clothes?

Much like small children, puppies require a constant and vigilantly watchful eye to keep them out of trouble. They need to learn the rules of the house and while this will eventually happen, until it does, you need to focus on training them to follow the rules. In some cases, puppies will play a game that includes the stealing of clothes and other small items that they find all over the house.

In general, puppies will steal virtually anything that they can grab in their mouth and run off with. While this is a cute yet comical habit, it will eventually lead to destruction of your personal items and thus needs to be trained not to steal. Before your puppy matures into an adult, all of the house rules need to be taught to him or her because afterwards, instilling new habits will not be an easy task.

When you see the puppy grab something, you will notice that they will do it and then run all over the room in an attempt to evade you. The reason for this is because the puppy is playing a game and when you play back, he or she will think that it is ok and may one day work their way up to your expensive shoes. When the puppy does this simply get up and walk out of the room; closing the door behind you. Soon the puppy will realize that the game is no fun by him or herself and will quit playing it. After you leave the room and close the door, the puppy will drop the item and start whimpering for you.

You may also choose to grab your keys, run to the door while jingling the keys the entire way. Most puppies will quickly distinguish the sound of the keys with going outside and in most cases will drop the item and follow you. Then take the puppy outside for a minute or two because if you don’t then it is just teasing the puppy which is a negative training technique.

Finally, like many other training habits, a sprayer bottle of water and a couple of sprits of the water will usually stop the behavior. However, do not torture the puppy just give him a quick sprits and nothing else, try not to spray him in the eyes or anything like that. Above all, do not forget to use the command NO in a firm voice that will startle but not scare the puppy.

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